We can open the doors to the most important European and Asian markets

We support and optimize your project planning

We help your innovative products to enter your target markets

Out of a strength of vision we create innovative ideas for bespoke, result-oriented consultancy, and support you in the implementation of your projects. Our aim is to work closely with you to develop your company into a profit-making organization and to establish your presence in the international markets. We analyze your concepts closely and then devise and implement competition and market penetration strategies or investigate the right expansion opportunities for your company that we will then assist you to realize.

APSOLUT can help companies to enter markets in Europe and Asia. We analyze, develop and implement strategies for our clients and create solutions for complex requirements, especially in the key sectors of telecommunications, information, media and entertainment (TIME), and manufacturing industries such as process industries and renewable energy. Our strengths lie in an experience in technology that spans 20 years, outstanding expertise in business development and a thorough knowledge of international markets. 

Based on extensive analysis and studies, we also source products or product ideas that are both unconventional and promising, and define categories for the level of technological innovation. With us, you will not only gain advantageous knowledge that will provide significant added value, but we can also develop real monetization opportunities for your innovative products. APSOLUT assists your new technologies to achieve success worldwide by incorporating your vision into projects and guiding you through conception to final implementation.

Our flair for innovative products is combined with a solid and strong global network.
APSOLUT works closely with expanding, dynamic companies (from small, medium-sized companies to large corporations) worldwide and especially in Europe and Asia. Germany, Switzerland, Korea, China and Japan are among the countries our clients particularly wish to target. We use this potential to generate synergies or new markets for your company. 

APSOLUT focuses on the development of your company and provides solutions that will enable you to enter European and Asian markets. We know the different markets and you can trust us, because our understanding of consultancy and implementation is based on solid teamwork. This means that your are fully integrated in the development and implementation of ideas, concepts and projects. Your active involvement ultimately represents the vital factor which will then drive your company’s expansion.

APSOLUT can show you the best way of achieving your objectives in the various target markets, because, as they say: »When in Rome…«. Anyone who fails to grasp these principles may not succeed in entering other markets even though the products they have to offer are excellent. Companies that are eager to launch themselves internationally should be familiar with the mindset and practices in other countries. Even in commerce, knowledge of the country and its people, the polite forms of address and customary business practices can determine success or failure. This is as crucial as creating strong competitive advantages or devising and implementing strategies for market penetration.

1. Concepts and projects for company expansion

  • Market penetration strategies
  • Analysis of strong and effective competitive advantages
  • Evaluation and monetization of innovative technologies and new market opportunities
  • Assistance with international negotiations

2. Scouting and management of innovative products and new technologies

3. Inter-cultural coaching and management

  • International and inter-cultural project management
  • Local practices regarding information and communication


Shopping smart

Case study: with Luxmodo GmbH, Apsolut is starting online trading of high value mobile fashion and style accessoires and establishing the new Anymode brand shop in the "Skyline Plaza" shopping mall in Frankfurt

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Case study: Apsolut makes its breakthrough with strategic consulting and planning, and the implementation thereof, for the accessories producer in Europe

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Spot on

Case Study: Spot on for a whole new generation of lighting. Apsolut brings perfect shine to LED Solutions - the highly efficient lightbulbs are professionally marketed

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Case study: Apsolut opens up further segments for interactive music television and expands the current offer to Android-compatible devices

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Things that open doors to the world

Case study: Apsolut provides the company with strong, globally spanning alliances as well as support in complex contract jobs. The first products arrive on the market

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Leap into Europe

Case study: Apsolut lends the auspices of the successful German tradition brand to the medium-size company, thus building the bridge to the European continent for iSTATION

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